homestuck, adventure time, and other bullshit like that . . . everything is lesbians and nothung hurts

i dunno please call me 'it' if you talk about me to all your hot friends
if you send me an ask dont expect a proper answer

shippers shippin

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  1. buzzfeed:

    Everything you wanted to know about transgender people but were afraid to ask. 

    "A person is never an it" exfuckingscuse you, i chose the pronoun it for myself and i don’t need you judging me for it

    i know several people who use “it” as their pronoun

    please don’t act like you know everything about everyone

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  2. http://vesyas.tumblr.com/post/55957709204

    m8, reposting my art ain’t cool

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  3. Anonymous asked: I miss your sass! Where have you gone?

    To the dogs. 

    sorry for the absence

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  4. sarafena:

    [ x ]

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  5. moss wont grow on a rollin stone
it should be summer now…

    moss wont grow on a rollin stone

    it should be summer now…

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  6. Anonymous asked: Dude, are you still alive?

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  7. fawks asked: What's your favourite drawing style?

    i like this one

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  8. Anonymous asked: What is PB's favorite thing to do in the bedroom?


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  9. Anon is open

    come at me

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